How Monster Color Solved Worldwide Distribution Problem

When Alltech needed promotions for their conference, they turned to RSA member Monster Color to create their signage. The One: The Alltech Ideas Conference is an annual event that brings together producers and industry experts from around the world to share insights and solutions to today’s most pressing issues within the global agriculture industry. Promotions for the conference happen worldwide. Because of the constant traveling, and set up and take down of the stage, Alltech was looking for promotional print pieces that were lightweight, durable enough to last for multiple trade shows, and could be crated for shipment.

The Permanent Signage/ADA Division of Monster Color created a solution. Using fabricated signage, they made three letters, “O N E”, by stick welding aluminum and then by covering each side with aluminum to make the letters hollow. This allowed the letters to be more manageable and lightweight, while the aluminum gives strength and durability fulfilling Alltech’s needs. The letters stand at 4 ½ feet tall and 12 inches deep, allowing them to fit perfectly into custom crates designed by Monster Color for shipping and traveling conference to conference.

Monster Colors permanent signage collaboration with Alltech shows that RSA members are #MoreThanRepro. Check out the links below to learn more about Monster Color, as well as One: The Alltech Ideas Conference.

About Alltech:

Founded in 1980 by Irish entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech discovers and delivers solutions for the sustainable nutrition of plants, animals and people. With expertise in yeast fermentation, solid state fermentation and the science of nutrigenomics, Alltech is a leading producer and processor of yeast additives, organic trace minerals, feed ingredients, premix and feed.

Our guiding ACE principle seeks to develop solutions that are safe for the Animal, Consumer and the Environment. Our more than 6,000 talented team members worldwide put this purpose to work every day for our customers.

Alltech is a family-owned company, which allows us to adapt quickly to emerging customer needs and to stay focused on advanced innovation. Headquartered just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, USA, Alltech has a strong presence in all regions of the world. For further information, visit Join us in conversation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Monster Color:

Headquartered in Kentucky, Monster Color is a division of Lynn Imaging. Monster Color is a visual imaging company. The signage and graphics experts at Monster Color average over twenty years with the company. They carry knowledge of the industry and insight into customer needs which translate to peace of mind for clients. For more information

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